Learn Mini II: Advanced Mini

Drop it like it’s hot

Mi i amo a tu. => Mi amo tu.
I love you.
Bob i pale mui. => Bob pale mui.
Bob talks a lot.
Tu i no manja a ale pan. => Tu no manja a ale pan.
You didn't eat all the bread.

We few, we happy few

mi          first person
tu second person
si third person
mi I / me
mi-duo we two
mi-ale we (includes addressee)
mi-mui we (excludes addressee)
mi-ego myself
tu you
tu-ale you all
tu-ego yourself
si he / she / it
si-viro he
si-feme she
si-kosa it
si-ale they
si-uno one (indefinite pronoun)
si-ota the other one
si-ego himself, herself, itself
tu kaja        your boxsi note        his/her/its notemi-ale kosa    our thingale mi kosa    all my things


mui vasa kolo ropa
= (mui (vasa (kolo ropa)))
= (many (water (color clothes)))
= many wet colorful clothes
mui vasa o kolo ropa
= ((mui vasa) (kolo ropa))
= ((very water) (color clothes))
= very wet colorful clothes
mui vasa kolo o ropa
= ((mui (vasa kolo)) ropa)
= very water-color clothes
= very blue clothes

De o, me say, de-e-e o

mui kore o animale
very dear animal
animale de mui kore
animal of many hearts

From me to you

Mi toma a kosa go tu.          
I take the thing to you.
Mi dona di unda mesa a kosa.
I put the thing here, under the table.
Mi dona di a kosa unda mesa.
I put the thing under the table here.

Numbers game

nulo  0
uno 1
duo 2
san 3
fo 4
penta 5
sita 6
seven 7
ba 8
nin 9
ten 10
sento 100
kilo 1,000
mega 1,000,000
giga 1,000,000,000
tera 1,000,000,000,000
37 san ten seven
136,789,000 sento san ten sita mega seven sento ba ten nin kilo /
uno san sita seven ba nin nulo nulo nulo
4.01 fo punto nulo uno / fo an uno de sento peso
2/3 duo de san peso
-42 meno fo ten duo
5+2 penta an duo
6-3 sita meno san
4/5 fo de-i divi de 5
3*9 san kon nin
4^5 fo go penta
1st uno-ranko / 1-ranko
2nd duo-ranko / 2-ranko
73rd seven-ten-san-ranko / 73-ranko
11:30 am ten uno san ten ante senta
4:55 pm fo penta ten penta afa senta
7 o'clock 7-ranko ora
Monday dia 1
Wednesday dia 3
Dec 5th 5-ranko dia de monato 12 / 5 de monato 12

All together now

pasa-pota                passport
bon-veni welcome
regen-uti umbrella (rain-tool)
en-mun, eki-mun entrance (in-door), exit (out-door)
inventi-man inventor (invent-person)
kinde-gaden kindergarten (child-garden)
inveti-banka-man investment banker (invest-bank-person)
en-move immigration (in-move-tion)
semi-pota semiconductor (semi-carry)
inta-neto internet
mala-tira misfire (bad-shoot)
ale-en-i-savi omniscient (all-knowing)
bon-neso goodness (good-ness)
Bisinesa-man i en-pota a 200 kilo-gama de vino-beri.
The businessman imports (in-carries) 200 kilograms of grapes (wine-berries).
Gen-viva de no-mori bete i de kon-pasa kon ruina de si tumba.
The revival (again-life) of the undead beast coincided (with-happened) with the destruction of his tomb.
Siensa-man i pensa ke raja-topi-viru i mebi ave veni de kave de vola-muso.
The scientist thinks the coronavirus (king-hat-virus) might have come from a bat (flight-mouse) cave.

Harder, better, faster, stronger

good        bon
better ma bon (more good)
best da ma bon (that more good)
worse meno bon (less good)
worst da meno bon (that less good)
Mi e sama mega sama tu.
I am as big as you.
Da e ma bon.
That is better.
Mi e ma bon sama tu.
I am better than you.
Di feruta e meno ruja sama da.
This fruit is less red than that one.
Da pan e da ma bon.
That bread is the best.

It’s all relative

Mi vole a keki ke e bon.
I want the cake that is good.
Man, ke ave a mone mui, no vole make.
A person that has a lot of money does not want to work.

Ackshually, …

Afa, mi-ale go.                    
Afterward, we go.
Mi-ale debe kipa di, tamen.
We should stay here, however.

Because of you

ka      because 
se if
tamen although
vile while
Vaku-man i kan mira a najima ka si ventana i en punto eki de Tera.
The spaceman can see the star because his window is pointing away from Earth.
Ka mi odi tu, mi senti sama en-i open a aero-loka.
Because I hate you, I feel like opening the airlock.
Se tu open a mun, mi-ale i go e de-i suko en vaku.
If you open the door, we will be sucked into space.
Tamen si i go mori, si deside open a loka.
Although s/he will die, s/he decides to open the lock.
Vile tu open a loka, mi toma a mi fini nafasa.
While you open the lock, I take my last breath.
ka de      because of    
se de whether
tamen de despite
vile de during
Tamen de mala manja, si i kipa go tamen a retorante.
Despite the bad food, he nevertheless keeps going to the restaurant.
Vile de evento, mi no bibe a ani kosa.
During the event, I didn't drink anything.

Back to the future

Past         de
Present (none)
Future go
Mega viro i de manja. The big man ate.Mega viro i manja. The big man eats.Mega viro i go manja. The big man will eat.
Mega viro i de a mini viro.      The big man was a small man.I de a vasa.                     There was water.
Mini viro i go veni a mega viro. 
The small man will be a big man.
Mega viro i go (veni) e bon.
The big man will be good.

Helping out

Helper    Functionave       have    (perfect)
en is (progressive)
pasa used to (habitual)
Animale i ave manja. The animal has eaten.
Animale i en manja. The animal is eating.
Mi go ave en manja. I will have been eating.
Mi pasa savi a feme. I used to know the woman.
da would
debe should, need to, have to
kan can, may, be able to
mebi might
vole want to
Mi da make a da, pero mi no kan.
I would do that, but I can't.
Si debe resi.
She should rest.
Si mebi kan go.
He might be able to go.

Stack it up

Mi kipa vole fini pale kon si.            
I keep wanting to stop talking with him.
Mi debe mebi ave begin etudi a Mini.
I should perhaps have started studying Mini.

It keeps not happening

Si kipa pale rapi.
S/he keeps talking quickly.
Si kipa no pale.
S/he keeps not talking.
Si no kipa pale.
S/he does not keep talking.

A need for speed

Mi i begin rapi a karo. 
I start to speed the car.
Mi i begin o rapi a karo.
I start the car quickly.

Double trouble

Mi name a feme-kinde a Alisa.       
I name the girl Alice.
Mi i an a si a mi seri.
I add it (to) my list.

It’s cool

A vasa.          There is water.
E vasa. It’s wet.
A man. There is a person.
E kula. It's cool.

Feelin’ good

Mi senti e bon.              I feel good.
Mi labora i veni e su duro. My work becomes too hard.
Si-ale i ave a raro aroma.     
They smell weird. / They have a weird smell.
Si-feme i ave a bon mira.
She looks good. / She has a good appearance.
Tu make a manja e mala.          
You make the food bad.

Become what you were meant to be

I veni a viro.    Be(come) a man!
I veni e bon. Be(come) good!

To boldly go…

Go-i mori a baka-pale-tori
To kill a mockingbird (back-talk-bird)
Go-i go o poten a ke no man i ave go ante
To boldly go where no man has gone before
Go-i ero, e man. Go-i padon, e deo.
To err is human, to forgive divine.
Go-a man bon, e au duro.
To be a good person is too hard.

-ing land

En-i no vasa a veji, a mala kosa.
Not watering the plants is a bad thing.
Feme en-i manja a pan i kite.
The woman eating the bread leaves.
Animale, en-e mega su, i unda.
The animal, being too large, falls.

Mistakes were made

Mini a pale de-i make.
Mini is a constructed language.
De-i kosina sama di, veji i ave a bon aroma.
Cooked like this, the vegetables have a nice aroma.
Di buku e de-i note de mi.
This book is written by me.

Da a ale!

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