Mini Glossary

S.C. Gruget
16 min readMay 5, 2021


The complete list of all 1,000 Mini words.

The first section is for the 120 words of Mini Kore; the second for the 880 words of Mini Mundo.

Mini Kore Glossary v 4.2Mini    English 

a introduces direct object & nominal complement
e introduces adjectival & adverbial complement
i introduces verb

o modifier separator

mi first person
tu second person
si third person

da that, there, would
di this, here

ke what, that

an and, also
pero but, except
u or, either

de from, of, about, by
en in, at, on
go to, go, towards, for
kon with
sama like, as, than, same

ja yes, definitely, certainly
no no, not

ale all, everything
nulo nothing, zero

ma more
mui very, many, much, a lot
su too, too much

uno one
duo two
san three
fo four

afa after
animale animal
ante before
aroma smell, taste
ave have, possession
bata beat, fight, battle
baton stick, rod
begin start, initial, beginning
bodi body
boka mouth
bon good
debe should, obligation
demo demonstration, indicate, show
dona give, gift
duro hard, difficult, problem
eleki electric, electricity
fami family, relative
feme woman, female
fini finish, final, end
fogo fire, hot, burn
imaje image, picture
jalan path, way, road
junta join, group, together
jura law, rule, instruction
kaja box
kaka feces, s***
kali dark, black
kan can, may, able, ability
kapo head
kipa keep, stay, remain, remainder
kolo color, colorful
kore heart
kosa thing, stuff
kula cool, cold
lado side, adjacent, next to
leva level, elevate, rise
line line
loke location, locate, place
ludi game, play
luna moon
luse light
make make, do, create
mala bad
man person, human
manja food, eat
mano hand
mebi maybe, possibility
mega big, great, large
mesa table
mini small, little
mira see, look, watch, sight
mone money
name name, word
note write, a writing
nu new
numa number
ota other, different
pale talk, speech, discussion
pan bread
pasa pass, happen, past
pensa think, thought
peso piece, part, component
poten power, force, strong
rapi fast, speed, quickly
raro rare, weird, strange
rason reason, cause, explanation
resi rest, sleep
roka rock
rondo circle, round, around
ropa clothing, wear
santi holy, spiritual
savi know, understand, knowledge
selo sky
senta center
sole sun
sono sound
suga sugar, sweet
supa above, over, up
tempo time
tera earth
toma take
unda under, below, down
uti use, tool
vasa water
veji plant, vegetable
veni come, become
vere true, truth, really
via through, across, trans-
viro man, male
viva life, live
vole want, desire

The 880 words of Mini Mundo:

Mini Mundo Glossary v. 1.7.6Mini      English

abuso abuse, violate, rape, assault, abusive
ade aid, care, concern, help, care for
adere adhere, stick, cling, sticky, glue
adio bye, farewell, valediction
aeji shield, armor
aero air, atmosphere, gas
afoga drown, submerge, a drowning
agila eagle, hawk, a bird of prey
aje age, to age, eon, aged
ajenda program, agenda, plan, computer program
ake ax, hatchet, machete, to chop
akonto account, ledger, report, to recount
akuse accuse, accusation, charge (legal)
akuta sharp, acute, keen
alien foreign, alien
alio garlic
amidala almond, tonsil, amygdala
amigo friend, acquaintance, befriend, friendly
amo love, dear
amuse amuse, entertain, fun, entertainment
ani any (determiner), whichever, anyone
anima soul, spirit
anjo angel, angelic
ankora yet, even, still
ano year, annual
ansio anxious, anxiety, nervous
anti against, anti-, opposite, opposing, oppose
antika old, to age, antique, ancient
anunsi announce, announcement, declare, declaration
apara seem, appear, apparent, appearance
apojo support, backing, advocacy, backup, bolster
ara bee, hornet, wasp
arana spider, arachnid
arapan hope, wait for, expectation, wish
area area, region, zone, domain, extent, size
aro arrow, dart
aseta accept, consent, agree, agreement, accord, pact
asido acid, sour, acidic, vinegar
asilu asylum, refuge, shelter
atira attract, attraction
ato act, performance, behavior, active
atomo atom, atomic
avion airplane
aviso attention, warn, caution, warning, alert, notification
ba eight
bagaje luggage, baggage, gear, personal effects, to lug
bai bay, golf, cove
bajo low, short (height)
baka back (body + adv), rear side, backward, behind
balansa balance, equilibrium, a scale, balanced, fair
balena whale, dolphin, porpoise, cetacean
balo ball, a spherical object, roll
balon balloon
balu bear (animal)
banana banana
banda band, strip, ribbon, tape, stripe
bandera flag, banner
banka bank, bench, river bank, financial institution
bano bath, bathe
baraje barrage, dam, block, impede, obstruct, hinder
bari weight, weigh, heavy
basara market, bazaar, fair, to shop
base base, foundation, ground, floor, basis, fundamental
basilo bacteria, bacillus, germ, microbe
batisa dip, dunk, immerse, baptise, baptism
bebe baby
bela beautiful, beauty, beautify
beli stomach, belly, abdomen
benda bend, curve, flex
bene benefit, advantage, perk, beneficial
bensin fuel, gasoline, benzene
beri berry, grape, olive
beso kiss
besonde special, especially, particular, exceptional
bete monster, beast, beastly
beton cement, concrete, pave
bianka white
bibe drink
biju jewel, gem, jewelry
bike bicycle
biko beak, to peck, spout
bileta ticket, a pass, bill, banknote
bira beer, ale
bisi hurry, rush, haste, busy
bisinesa business, company, negotiate, conduct business
bitume tar, pitch, bitumen
boba bubble, boil
bogen arch, vault, bow (weapon)
bola bowl
boli glass, crystal, a transparent material
bomba bomb
bore boring, bore, tedium
boroda beard, facial hair
botega shop, store, boutique
botelo bottle
boton button, pressbutton, knob, stud
bovi cow, bovine, steer, ox, bison, buffalo
buku book
bulu blue
buo float, buoy, buoyant, a float
butero butter, buttery
dalili evidence, proof, demonstration, testimony
danja danger, dangerous
danke thanks, to thank, thankful
dansa dance
dare dare, daring, bold, brave, to challenge
debate argue, debate, dispute, argument
debile weak, weakness, feeble
defende defend, guard, protect, protection, defense
degu disgust, disgusting, revulsion, sicken
deja already, by now/then
dekora decorate, ornamentation, adorn, fancy
deluje flood, torrent, inundate, overwhelm, overwhelming
demon devil, demon, diabolical
den then, in that case
denta tooth, bite
deo god, divine
dereka right (direction + moral + legal), straight, orthodox
deside decide, decision, adjudicate, resolve, settle
desini design, sketch, blueprint, pattern
detali detail, detailed, meticulous
deteki detect, find, notice, discovery, discovery
develo develop, grow, growth, development
dia day, date
diamante diamond, adamant
difuse spread, diffuse, diffusion
dijesi digest, digestion
diji finger, toe, digit
dika fat, thick
dimenti forget, forgive
dinosoro dinosaur
dipa deep, depth, profound
dire say, tell, utter, recite, utterance, saying
direto direction, orientation, guidance, course, direct
disipa waste (use without good purpose), squander
dive dive, plunge, submerge
divi divide, split, division, separate
dogi dog
domo home, domestic, reside, domesticate
doragon dragon
dua request, ask, prayer, invocation, plea, petition
dubi doubt
duka suffer, pain, suffering, hurt, painful
dulo slave, servant, serf, enslave
dusa shower, to shower, downpour
edu teach, educate, education, educated
efeto effect, result, to effect, effective
egala equal, equality, equation, equally
ego self, own (adj)
eki out, ex-, away, external
eko echo, reflection
ekonomi economy, economic, thrifty
elasi spring, coil, elastic, springy
elefante elephant
eleti elect, election, select, choose, selection
elika helix, curl, twist, curly, spiral, coil, propeller
emo emotion, emotional, passionate, emote
enejia energy, energize, energetic
enemi enemy, nemesis
enigema puzzle, enigma, riddle
enkonte meet, encounter, meeting
entero intestines, bowel, entrails, gut
envi envy, jealous
environ environment, habitat, ambient, milieu
epigo emergency, urgent, to urge, press for
erase erase, erasure, remove, wipe away
ereki to stand, upright, erect
ero error, mistake, err
esamin exam, test, interview, examination, investigation
esato exact, precise, precision, exactly, methodical
ese east
esi exist, existence, existent
esita excite, excited
etudi learn, study, research
eve evening, night
evento event, case (instance), occurence
evita avoid, dodge, shun, avoidance
fama fame, famous, glory
famine hungry, hunger, famine
fantome ghost, spirit, phantom
fara far, distance, remote, extreme
farina flour, dust, a granulated substance, sand, grind
fase face, to face someone
fasile easy, ease, simple, straightforward
fata fate, destiny
fatiga tire, tired
fatoria factory, mill, plant
fava bean, legume, pea, lentil
favo favor, like, favorite, please
fekun fertile, fecund, fertilizer, productive
fen fen, swamp, bog, marsh
fense fence, barrier, partition, hedge, fence off
feo ugly
feri fairy, sprite, pixie
fero iron, steel
feruta fruit, bear fruit
fete party, celebrate
fevere fever, feverish
fiba fiber, string, thread, wire, ply, roughage, strand
fide faith, to trust, loyal
figado liver
figura figure, form, shape, structure, statue, figurine
filete steak, fillet, to fillet
fili son, daughter
filoso philosophy, philosophical, philosophize
fiore flower
fisika physics, physical, physique
fisu crack, fissure, cracked
fobo fear, horror, fearful, scary
foli sheet, leaf, flat, flatten
foma foam, froth, suds, mousse, lather
fon phone
fonte fountain, spring, well
fore front, forehead, forward
foreta forest
fosi dig, bury
fuji flee, escape, run away
fule full, to fill, whole
fume smoke
fungi fungus, mold, mildew
fura hole, gap, aperture, to drill, bore
furi anger, angry
fusi pour, fuse, melt, fusion
gaden garden, a park, recreation area
gadi grass, herb, lawn
gama gram (SI)
gana win, gain, victory, earn, earnings, profit, prize
gape yawn, gape
garaje garage
gare station, depot
gato cat, feline, catty
geko lizard
gen again, repeat, repetition, re-
gene inherit, inheritance, genetic, gene
gera war
giga billion
gitara guitar, lute, a strummed instrument
goma rubber, rubbery
gomba mushroom
gota drop, bead, blob, spot, drip
gove government, govern
gule throat, gullet
gun gun, rifle, shoot
guru teacher, expert, priest, guru
ia hear, listen, ear
idea idea, concept, conceptual, ideate
igi tree, wood
ila island
imperi command, imperative, rule, empire, imperial
impotan important, importance, to matter
induseri industry, industrial
infero hell, to damn, hellish
infiniti infinity, infinite
info information, inform, informative
inja wound, injure, injury
inseto insect, bug, pest, bother
inta between, inter-
inteli smart, intelligence
interesa interest, interesting
inventi invent, invention, inventive
inveti invest, investment
invite invite, invitation
ironi irony, ironic, sarcasm
ise ice, freeze
jage search, hunt, pursuit, seek, quest
jaketa jacket, coat
janji promise, vow, pledge, swear
jara jar, pitcher, jug, carafe, mug, beaker
jari shrub, bush
jeli gel, goop, jelly, blob, paste, mush
jemelo twin
jenti polite, gentle, gracious, courteous
jeo prison, jail, imprison
jeritan yell, scream, shout, exclaim
jeti throw, shot, shoot, hit
jin gold, golden
jira turn, gyrate, spin, whirl
joke joke, jest
joli happy, joy, frolic, enjoy
jue cheek, jowl
jumpa jump, bounce, leap, hop, skip, bounce
jusa just (adv), very recently, to have just ...,
jusi juice, juicy
ka because
kabinete cabinet, hutch, wardrobe
kabon carbon, coal
kabuma explode, explosion, blast, detonate, pop
kada each, respectively
kadena chain, fetters
kadi card, placard, cardboard, charter
kafe coffee, cafe
kaje cage, ribcage
kakao chocolate
kalenda calendar, schedule, timetable
kalite quality, property, to attribute, feature, trait, -ness
kalori heat, hot, calorie
kama bed
kambio exchange, trade, barter
kamera chamber, room, partition, hall, camera
kamina walk, ambulate, stroll, hike
kamisa shirt
kampo field, camp, to camp, countryside, meadow, rural
kanali canal, channel, gutter, moat
kanda shoulder, shrug
kandela candle
kanela cinnamon
kanon cannon, artillery, gun barrel
kansera crab, cancer, cancerous
kanti sing, song, tune, melody
kapa capture, catch, seize, grasp, captive, grab
kare square, plaza
karera race, competition, compete
karo car, vehicle, drive
kasa house, building
kasele castle, fortress
kasi almost
kata cut, incision, slice, chop
katana sword
kavalo horse, donkey, mule
kave cave, cavern
keju cheese
keki cake
kelabu gray
kemi chemical, drug
kera horn (animal + instrument), spike
kerami ceramic, pottery, china, terracota, clay pot
keredo believe, belief, creed
kerusa cross, intersect, intersection, crucifix
kia key, unlock
kilo thousand
kinde child
kino film, movie, cinema, to film
kirikiti cricket, grasshopper, locust
kite leave, quit, abandon, exit
koda tail, coda
kode code, cipher, program code
koleki collect, collection, gather
kolenka knee
kolidi crash, collision, collide
kolina hill
koloni colony, colonial, colonize
kolun column, pillar, pole, spine
koma clause, comma
komedi comedy, humor, funny
kompare compare, comparison
komputa computer, compute
komun community, communal, public
kona corner, angle
konditi condition, state
konfi comfortable, comfort, cozy
konfuse confusion, confuse, confusing, perplex
konka shell
kono cone
konsiense conscience, awareness, conscious, consciousness
kopa cup, drinking vessel, chalice
kopen buy, a purchase
kopere copper
koredora hall, corridor
koreo mail, letter, post
kosina kitchen, to cook
kote cost, price, to cost
koton cotton
kova cover, covering, conceal, blanket, cloak, shawl
kubita elbow, nudge, cubit
kubo brick, cube, block
kujara spoon
kulutura culture, cultural
kuneli rabbit, hare, bunny
kuretina curtain, drape, screen, blinds
kuri run, sprint, jog
kusin cousin
kuve tub, barrel, vat, tank
labi lip, rim, brim
labora work, labor, hard-working
lada ladder, escalator, stairs, steps
lagima tears, to cry
lago lake, loch, pond
laji trash, garbage, waste, to throw away
lakoni short (length), curt, brief
lampa lamp
lan land, territory, domain, state
lana wool
lase let, allow, license, permission, licit
lasi lazy, indolence, inactivity
lati wide, broad, width, latitude
lava wash
leje read, a reading, well-read
lense lens, eyeglasses, magnifying glass
lenta slow, slowly
leon lion, tiger, panther, a big cat
levi left (direction)
liabili responsible, liable, liability, responsibility
libera freedom, free, liberate
lida lead, leader, direct, guide
liga tie, bind, knot, league, link, connection
liki liquid, liquify, fluid
lila purple, lilac
limako snail, slug, a mollusk
limi limit, limited, restriction, boundary, border
limon lemon, lime, citrus
limpe limp, flaccid, floppy, to limp, lax
lin flash, lightning, bolt
linga tongue, lick, language
lipo fat, fatty, grease, fatten, to fry
lisa fox
lita liter (SI)
litera letter, literature, character, to spell, literary
litora shore, beach, coast, littoral
loji logic, logical
loka lock, to lock, latch, bolt, clasp
loko crazy, mad, insane, madden
longo long, length, longitude
lose lose, loss, failure, fail
lubi slip, slide, slippery, glide
lujo luxury, luxurious, opulence, fancy
luki fortune, luck, lucky
lulu pearl
lunge lungs
lupo wolf
madu honey
mageneti magnet, magnetic
maisa corn
maji magic, magical, conjure
makina machine, apparatus
maladi malady, sickness, ill
maleta hammer, mallet
mandiba jaw, mandible
manka mark, stain, blemish, spot
mapa map, chart
mare ocean, sea, marine
mari marry, marriage
maron brown
masa mass, pile, heap, to amass, massive
masala spice, curry, spiced
matemati math, mathematical
maten morning
materi matter, material, substance
matura mature, ripe, adult
medi average, medium, normal, usual, standard, norm
media media, communication, press
medika medicine, medicinal
melanje mixture, mix
melankoli sad, melancholy, mourn
melon melon, gourd, pumpkin
memba member, adherent
memo memory, remember
menase threat, menace, menacing, threaten
meno less (comparison), fewer, minus
menta mind, mental
mentira lie, false, deceive, deception
menu menu
merite deserve, merit, -worthy
mesaje message, notification, notify
mesura measure, measurement, size (clothing), dimension
metali metal, metallic
metodo method, procedure, technique, means, methodical
midori green
milita military, army
mime mimic, copy, imitation
mina mine (place + action)
minute minute
misi miss, absent, lack, fail to reach/hit/notice
mita meter, metric
mobili furniture
moda mode, way, fashion, mood
mogi fly, gnat, mosquito
moloko milk, milky
momen moment, instant, instantaneous, immediate
monato month, monthly
monki monkey, gorilla, chimpanzee
monte mountain, hill, bump, protrusion, protrude, bumpy
morale moral, morality, moralize, morale, virtue
more custom, habit, customary, tradition, traditional
mori death, die, dead, kill
moto motor, engine
move move, movement, motion, movie
mudi purpose, goal, objective, aim, end, intend, target
muko mucus, snot, phlegm
mumi wax, waxy
mun door, gate
mundo world, globe, global
muravi ant
muro wall
musele muscle, muscular
musika music, musical
muso mouse, rat
muta change, modify, modification, mutation
nafasa breathe, breath
naga snake, slither
naje swim
najima star, to highlight, celebrity
nami wave, undulation
naro narrow, thin, strait
nase nose
nata cream, creamy
nati birth, give birth
natura nature, natural
navi boat, ship
navu predict, prophecy, prediction, prophetic
nea near, neighborhood, close by, approach, nearly
nebu mist, fog, foggy, nebulous
neka neck
nese need, necessity, requirement, necessary
neso abstract, abstraction, -ness, -ity
neto net, network, mesh, web, enmesh
neve snow
ni never, ever
nida nest, hive, den
niku meat, flesh
nin nine
ninja spy (noun), snoop, scout, surveil
nise sneeze
noga leg
nonga farm, cultivate, agricultural
nore north
nube cloud, cloudy
nudelo noodle
nudi nude, naked, nudity
nuga rub, friction, massage, caress, tickle, chafe
nuki nut
nun now
nuta neutral, bland, neuter, boring, impartial
oasi oasis
obe obey, compliance, obedient
odi hate, hatred, enmity
ofensa crime, offense, sin, offensive, criminal
ofera sacrifice, offering
ofisi office, official, bureau, desk
oko eye, glance, one's sight
ole oil, unctuous
onion onion, bulb
onore honor, honorable, reputation
open open
opitala hospital
ora hour, o'clock, clock time
oranje orange
orijen origin, source, original
osila oscillate, swing, a swing
oso bone
osura shadow, shade, obscure, hide, hidden
otelo hotel
otono autumn
oven oven, furnace, bake, heater
ovi lamb, sheep
ovo egg
padon pardon, forgive, condone, an excuse
paga pay, payment, spend
paisa nation, country, national
paketa package, parcel, packet, bundle
panta pants, trousers
pape paper
papilon butterfly, moth
para stop, halt
parada parade, march, procession
paren parent
pari bet, wager, gamble
parija grill, grid, grate, broiler, gridiron
pase peace, peaceful
paso step, stride, pace
patata potato
patio patio, courtyard, yard
pato duck, goose, swan, waterfowl
pausa pause, break, interruption
pedi foot, by foot, kick, stomp
pele skin, surface, peel, hide (animal)
pelo hair, fur, feather, hairy
pen pen, pencil, stylus
pende hang, hanging, suspension, suspense
penelo brush, comb, sweep
penta five
pepa pepper, spicy
peribadi private, privacy
pianeta planet, planetary
piano piano
piato plate, dish, disc, tray, to plate
piega fold, crease
pigi pig, boar
pigu butt
pika prick, pierce, sting
pila yellow
pile pill, pellet, bullet
pilo pillow, cushion
pin pin, needle
pinta paint, painting, painted
pipi pee, urinate
pirami pyramid
pirata pirate
piron fork
pisi fish
pisina pool of water, pond, swimming pool
piti pity, mercy, compassion, sympathy, sympathize
piuma feather
poesi poem, poetry, poetic
poke pocket
polisa police
politi politics, political, politicize
polo chicken, fowl
poma apple
pone put, lay, place
ponte bridge
popula people, population, populate, populous, popular
pota carry, transport, transfer, port, cargo
pote pot, pan, cauldron, crucible, saucepan
pove poor, poverty
pubili print, publish
puja worship, praise, adore, adoration
puko knife, dagger, stab
pulasi plastic, plastics, malleable
pumpa pump (motion + tool)
puni punish, punishment
punjo fist, punch, knob, hilt, handgrip
punto point, dot, spot, indicate, pointy, sharp
pupe doll, puppet
pura pure, clean, cleanse
puse press, push, shove
radi ray, beam, radiate, bolt, radius
radika root, rooted, rhizome, tuber
raja ruler, royal, king, queen
raka rack, shelf, ledge
rama arm, limb, branch
rampa ramp, lean, incline, slope, bow, slant, tilt, tilted
rana frog, toad
randon random, arbitrary, caprice
ranko rank, status, ordering, -th (ordinal)
rano early, too soon
rasa race, ethnicity, racial
raso shave, scrape, graze
ratio ratio, rate, proportion, fraction
reaki answer, response, reaction
rebele rebel, rebellion, revolution, treason, rebellious
redi ready, available, prepare, preparation
refere refer to, reference, mention, allusion
regen rain
regula regulate, regulation, control, ruler (tool), a rule
rela rail, train, bar
relate relate, relation, relationship, connection, connect with
relijon religion, religious
remo oar, rudder, to row
rena kidney
renta rent, borrow
reo flow, current, rhythm, influence
repare fix, correction, improvement, repair, mend
repubika republic, republican
retili reptile, crawl, creep
retorante restaurant
revela reveal, divulge, disclose, revelation, disclosure
rika rich, wealth
rima rhyme, rhyming
ringo ring, loop, hoop, circuit, halo
rio river, stream
risa laugh
risiti receive, get, receipt, acknowledge, reception
riso rice
rite rite, ceremony, ceremonial
roba dress, robe
robare steal, theft
roboto robot
roden rodent (non-mouse), squirrel, beaver
roga ask, question
roketa rocket, missle, projectile
rompe break, rupture, smash, disrupt
ronko snore, grunt
rosa pink, rose
ruina destroy, ruin, destruction, downfall
ruja red
rumora gossip, rumor, rumored
runguma hug, embrace
rusa deer
ruse trick, hoax, ruse, fraud, scam, tricky
ruto burp, belch
saara desert
sadi mean, cruel, sadistic
safari journey, voyage, trip, travel, adventure, adventurous
saga story, narrate, fictional
saje wise, wisdom
sake alcohol, liquor
sako bag, sack
saliva saliva, spit, expectorate
salo salt, salty, seasoning
salon salon, parlor
salu hello, greet, greeting, salute
sando sandwich
sange blood, bleed
sano health, healthy, heal
sapato shoe
sava save, rescue, salvation, salvage, retrieve
savaje wild, savage, feral, uncivilized, wilderness
savon soap
se if, whether
seda silk
sede sit, seat, chair
sekeleton skeleton, framework, scaffolding
seketa secret, mystery
seko dry, dryness
sekola school
sekon second (time)
sekura secure, safe, safety, security
sela cell (biology + room)
semana week, weekly
semen seed
semi half, partial, incompletely
sena scene, stage
sende send, transmit, dispatch, broadcast, a post
seni art, artistic
senjore mr., ms., sir, madam, lord, master
sentense sentence, phrase, proposition, verdict
senti sense, feel, touch, feeling
sento hundred
sera close, shut, seal
sereale grain, cereal, wheat
serebe brain
seri series, list, order, row, enumerate
serio serious, earnest, seriousness
sesi sex, sexy, copulate, gender
sete thirst, thirsty
seven seven
severe severe, strict
sibi sibling, brother, sister
sibila whistle, hiss, fizzle, whiz, zip
siensa science, scientific, -ology
sigaro cigar, cigarette
sige next, follow, subsequent, succeeding
silaba syllable
silara silver, silvery
silen silence, silent
sili silly, foolish, trivial, triviality
sina chest, torso
sinda cinder, ash, ashy
sinifi meaning, to mean, sense, significance, significant
sino sign, mark, symbol, signal, token, logo
sinti sparkle, twinkle
siren bell, siren, alarm, to chime, handbell, doorbell
sisora scissors, shears
sita six
sitema system, systematic, systematize
siti city
sivi citizen, civilian, civil, civilize
so so, such
sofa sofa
sofio blow, inflate, puff
soke sock, stocking
soli soil, dirt, clay, mud
solidi solid, firm
solo single, alone, only
solu solve, solution, loose, untie, dissolve
soma summer
some some, few, an indefinite amount, somewhat
sonjo dream
sonri smile
sori sorry, to be sorry, contrition, remorse
sosia society, social
suave smooth, soft, sleek, even
subita sudden, suddenly, abrupt, to precipitate
sude south
sue sew, stich, seam
sufi enough, sufficient, suffice
sujesi suggest, suggestion, hint, insinuation
sujo dirty, grime, filth, to taint, corruption
suko suck, suction
suma sum, total, calculate, score
sumete surrender, submit, yield, give in, submission
sun soon
supe soup
superise surprise, astonish, shock, unexpected
suponji sponge
supose suppose, guess, conjecture, hypothesis
sure certain, sure, certainty
susura whisper, rustle, murmur
taba board, plank, beam, slat
tabu taboo, forbid, forbidden
tadi late, tardy, delay
talon heel
tambo drum
tamen although, though, nevertheless, in spite of, however
tami filter, sieve, colander
tape carpet, rug
tari history, historical
tarifa charge, bill, tax
tavan ceiling, roof
tea tea
teata theater, theatrical
teke goat, antelope, ibex, a caprine
teki technology, technological, technical
tela cloth, fabric
tema theme, subject, topic, to be about, to concern
ten ten
tenden tendency, bias, inclination, inclined to
teni hold, grasp, cling to
tensa tense (action + state + grammar), stretch, strained
tenta try, attempt, experiment, trial, tentative, provisional
teoria theory, theorize
terapi therapy, treatment, treat, cure, therapeutic
tese weave, woven, knit
teta breast, tit
tie uncle, aunt
tila until, till, up to, approach, reach
timi timid, shy, coy, reserved
tin tin, can
tingi high, tall, height
tinta tint, ink, hue
tipi tent, teepee, hut
tipo type, quality, kind, typical
tira pull, tug
tivi TV, television
tobako tobacco
toilete toilet, urinal, restroom, WC, use bathroom
tolera tolerate, tolerance, tolerant, accepting
tonere thunder
topi cap, hat, top, summit
tore tower, skyscraper, turret, steeple, minaret
tori bird
tose cough, bark
toti turtle, tortoise
tovari companion, spouse, partner, comrade
tubo tube, pipe
tufan storm, stormy, typhoon, hurricane
tuju always, forever, ever
tumba grave, tomb
tumo tumor, swell, swelling, bulge
tupe dull, blunt, obtuse, dumb
uben exercise, training, practice, drill
ubuntu kind, humane, humaneness, solidarity
udan shrimp, lobster, a crustacean
ujana young, youth, a youth
uka hook, hanger, crook (shepherd), mitre
ulu owl
umile humble, modest, humility, shame
undon sport, athletic, physical exercise
ungu nail, hoof, claw
univesa universe, universal
utero womb, uterus
vaga wander, roam, rove
vagen wagon, van, cart, bus, truck
vakansa vacation, holiday
vakili represent, stand for, representative, agent, envoy
vaku empty, vacuum, outer space, vacuous
vali valley
valu value, worth
vanila vanilla
vanita vanity, pride, proud
vapo steam, vapor
vare resource, wares, supply, merchandise, commodity
vari vary, variety, various, variation, variance
vasanta spring (season)
ve where
veka awake, wake, aware
vela sail
ven when
vende sell, sale
vendeta revenge, vengeful, to seek revenge
venemo venom, poison, to poison
venera respect, veneration, respectful
ventana window, mirror, screen
vento wind, windy
vepon weapon, arms, to arm, weaponize
vese west
veta weather, climate
vibe vibe, shake, vibrate, agitate, vibration, turbulence
vila village, town
vile while, during
vina blame, fault, guilt
vinge wing, brim, vane
vino wine
vinta winter
viola viola, violin, a string instrument
violensa violence, violent
vipi whip, lash
viru virus, viral
visita visit
voka voice, call, call out, summon
vola fly, flight
vomi vomit
vori worry, concern
vote vote
vudu curse, hex, jinx, spell
vuma worm
vunda wonder, miracle, marvel, wonderful