Speaking Mini Kore

I. Background

II. Language Differences

Mi i boka a tera, go rason ke mi i en mira go animale roka figura.=> I mouth the earth, for the reason that I am looking for animal rock figures.
=> I dig, because I'm looking for fossils.

Bob i da kore e mala en mebi ke si mini man i en go a loke de mega savi.
=> Bob would heart bad in the case that his small persons were going to the place of big learning.
=> Bob wouldn't like it if his children were going to college.

Alisa i da go a mone loke, pero si i ave a duro kon si mira boka, an si no kan toma da a si go-go uti.
=> Alice would go to the money place, but she has a hardness with her see-mouths, and she can't take her go-machine there.
=> Alice would go to the bank, but she has a problem with her eyes and can't drive her car there.
because      go rason ke...         for the reason that...
if en mebi ke... in the possibility that...
although en pero-pero de ke... in spite of that...
while en sama o tempo ke... in the same time that...
when en tempo ke... in the time that...
where en loke ke... in the place that...
En mebi ke tu i fini manja a tu veji, mi-ale i kan go en vasa.
If (in the case that) you finish eating your vegetables, we can go in the water.
Mini feme i fini ludi kon ludi man, go rason ke si i vole toma a sono.
The girl finishes playing with the doll (play-person), because (for the reason that) she wants to listen to music.
English   Mini Kore   Miniback        afa       baka
forward ante fore
only pero solo
out/away de eki
still/yet kipa ankora
already ante deja
almost * kasi
more ma ma
less mini ma meno
* several options: ma u mini ma (more or less), ale pero (all but)
Mini Kore         Mini        Englishgo ota tempo     gen         again
go ale tempo tuju always
en no tempo ni never
en mini tempo sun soon
en di tempo nun now
en da tempo den then
nulo  zero, nothing
uno one
duo two
san three
fo four
mano five, hand
6 mano an uno
7 mano an duo
8 mano an san
9 mano an fo
10 uno nulo
18 uno mano an san
-25 kali duo mano
1093 uno nulo mano an fo san
2/3 duo de peso san
3.14 san rondo uno fo
5+2 mano an duo
6–3 san de mano an uno
4/5 fo de-i peso de mano
3*9 san kon mano an fo
4⁵ fo go mano
Mi i ave a duo nulo sole rondo.
I am 20 years old. (I have 20 sun-circles.)
Tempo a ke?
What time is it?
Uno uno an san nulo en ante de senta.
11:30 am
Mano en afa de senta
5 pm
Sole uno
Monday (sun one)
Sole mano an duo
Sunday (sun five-and-two)
Mano de luna san
5th of March (five of moon three)

III. Sample texts

Mi-ale fami,
Ke e en selo,
Tu name e santi.
Tu tera i veni,
Tu vole i veni,
En tera, sama selo.
I dona go mi
En di sole a sole pan,
An i dona de a mi mala,
Sama ke mi i dona de
A mala de ota man.
I no kapo go kali a mi,
Pero i toma de mala a mi.
Tera, poten, an mega name
E Tu, go ale tempo.
Jalan, ke kan jalan, 
A no vere jalan.
Name, ke kan name,
A no vere name.
Kon no name,
Si a begin de tera an selo.
Kon name,
Si a fami de ale kosa.
Si kon no vole
I kan mira a santi.
Si kon vole
I kan mira pero a ropa.
Di duo kosa
I veni de sama o begin,
Pero i ave a ota name.
Sama o name a kali kosa.
Kali de kali,
Si a boka go santi.



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